Workshop on

Holomorphic Dynamics

around Thurston’s Theorem



Roskilde , September 27 — October 1  2010


*Sponsored by CODY, and the FNU-grant

Complex Methods in Dynamical Systems and Special Functions.




Bodil Branner
Davoud Cheraghi

Adam Epstein

Nuria Fagella

Peter Haissinsky

Christian Henriksen

John Hamal Hubbard

Hiroyuki Inou

Jan Kiwi

Sarah Koch

Juan Rivera Letelier

Daniel Meyer 

Carsten Lunde Petersen

Kevin Pilgrim

Dierk Schleicher

Nikita Selinger

Tan Lei

Bill Thurston

Vladen Timorin



Disconnected Julia set of a rational map.

Picture by Sebastian Godillon



The workshop takes place at Roskilde University. The lectures take place in Lokale 1, Building 27, except for Wednesday where it takes place in Building 13. (map of RUC).
The organizing center of our mathematical program is Thurston's Theorem, which is a cornerstone of Holomorphic Dynamics. This result, now a generation old, gives necessary and suffficient conditions for the realization of combinatorial models as rational maps. The underlying ideas have connections with a number of related areas such as Teichmuller Theory. The insights continue to produce new, sometimes unexpected applications. The conference program includes minicourses devoted to presentation of  recent research in familiar directions, and also some new ones. These minicourses will provide self-contained, yet interconnected introductions to the relevant background material about quasiconformal mappings and quadratic differentials, with applications to Transversality and Surgery. This portion of the program will serve as a foundation for additional talks on related topics of current research. Overall, we aim to also provide students, and others, new to the subject a well-planned tour organized around this theme.

The workshop is open to anyone with an interest in holomorphic dynamics. The workshop is a continuation of the long series of autumn workshops in holomorphic dynamics, but it is considerably larger.


To register send an email to lunde at with subject line “Holomorphic Dynamics” and containing your name address and email address.


The lectures of the workshop will take place at Roskilde University. Accomodation will be at Hotel Rossini, Gl. Jernbanevej 27, 2500 Valby, Danmark We have a special conference arrangement with Rossini, Rooms are single/double 565/740 pr night, this includes breakfast and free internet access.


From Hotel Rosini to Roskilde University there is public transportation by frequent train (train travel time 22 min).

To be in time for the morning lecture you should board one of the trains 8:41 or 8:44 at Valby st.


The scientific program opens on Monday September 27 at 9.30.

The scientific program closes on Friday October 1 at 18.00.


The workshop and ph.d. course is co-funded by CODY, the Research Training Network Conformal Structures and Dynamics and the Danish Natural Science Research Council through the grant Complex Methods in Dynamical Systems and Special Functions.


Scientific Committee : Adam Epstein (chair) and Carsten Lunde Petersen


Organizers : Carsten Lunde Petersen, Asli Deniz, Luna Lomonaco, Christian Henriksen and Bodil Branner


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