Workshop and ph.d. course

On the Escaping set

in Complex Dynamics*


Søminestationen Holbæk, October 2 — 5  2008


*Sponsored by CODY, FUR and the FNU-grant

Complex Methods in Dynamical Systems and Special Functions.


Walter Bergweiler
Janina Kotus
Helena Mihaljevic-Brandt
Philip Rippon
Gwyneth Stallard

A spidersweb and a hyperbolic Fatou domain.

Picture by Dominique Fleischmann


The Notes entry has been updated with Janina’s talk, Helena’s slides, Phil’s slides (use the zip’ed folder) and a paper on the slow escaping set by Phil and Gwyneth.  Now all so group photos.


The backbone of the workshop is a mini-course on the escaping set for transcendental entire mappings and its properties by Walter Bergweiler, Phil Rippon, Gwyneth Stallard and Helena Mihaljevic-Brandt. Contributions by participants, ph.d. students in particular, are encouraged. The final schedule of talks will be planned upon arrival or shortly before on the basis of the proposed talks.


The workshop is open to anyone with an interest in holomorphic dynamics. Especially Ph. D. students are encouraged to participate. The workshop is inspired by the so-called holomorphic days held in the eighties by Douady in Paris and is intended to be informal and guided by discussion.


The workshop also serves as a Ph. D. course under the research training program “Mathematical modelling and its Mathematical Foundations”, which is part of the Ph.D. school Mathematics and its Applications.


Ph.D. students can be awarded  2 ECTS for successful participation.


The participation fee is 900 dkr, it covers both lodging and meals starting with an evening meal Thursday October 2 and ending with lunch Sunday October 5.

Due to special limitations at Søminestationen the no. of participants is limited to Approx. 25. Note that only shared accommodation will be available.


To register send an email to lunde at with subject line “Escapingset” and containing your name address email address and special meal requests. Deadline for registration is Wednesday September 17, 2008.


The scientific program opens on Friday October 3 at 9.00.

Søminestationen is open for arrival from Thursday evening October 2 at 18.00.

An evening meal will be served for those arriving Thursday evening.


The scientific program closes on Sunday October 5 at 12.00.

After the closing session a lunch will be served.

We shall have left the premises at Søminestationen at 14.00.


How to pay the 900 dkr. Conference fee.


Practical Information



Ground Transportation



The workshop and ph.d. course is co-funded by the Ph.D. school Forskerskole i matematik og anvendelser (FUR),

CODY, the Research Training Network Conformal Structures and Dynamics and the Danish Natural Science Research Council through the grant Complex Methods in Dynamical Systems and Special Functions.







Carsten Lunde Petersen

Christian Henriksen

Bodil Branner

Christian Berg

Henrik Laurberg Pedersen


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