New Paths Towards Quantum Gravity

Book Materials for Springer Lecture Notes in Physics

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Bernhelm Booß-Bavnbek, Roskilde Universitet, Denmark,
Giampiero Esposito, INFN, Sezione di Napoli, Italy,
Matthias Lesch, Universität Bonn, Germany,




Book title 0a_Title.pdf


Two mottoes 0b_Motto.pdf


Foreword (F. Lizzi), 2 pages 0c_Foreword.pdf


Preface (BBB, GE, ML, revised Nov. 13), 6 pages 0d_Preface.pdf


Content 0e_Contents.pdf


Part titles 0f_Part-Titles.pdf



Part I - Three Physics Visions


Notes on quantum gravity and noncommutative geometry 1_Gracia-Bondia.pdf

José M. Gracia-Bondía, 54 pages, 4 figures, list of index words received, index words not-marked in text


Quantum gravity as sum over spacetimes (re-loaded, Oct. 13)  2_Ambjorn-et-al.pdf

Jan Ambjørn, Jerzy Jurkiewicz and Renate Loll, 67 pages, 19 figures (some in colour, but all readable in b/w), indexed (front page needs re-formatting)


Lectures on quantization of gauge systems 3_Reshetikhin.pdf

Nicolai Reshetikhin, 64 pages, 22 figures, indexed



Part II - Novel Mathematical Tools


Mathematical tools for calculation of the effective action in quantum gravity 4_Avramidi.pdf

Ivan G. Avramidi, 62 pages, 2 figures, list of index words received, index words not-marked in text


Lectures on cohomology, T-duality and generalized geometry 5_Bouwknegt.pdf

Peter Bouwknegt, 55 pages, no figures, indexed


Stochastic geometry and quantum gravity. Some rigorous results 6_Zessin.pdf

Hans Zessin, 23 pages, no figures, indexed (first two pages need to be re-formatted)



Part III – Afterthoughts


Steps towards quantum gravity and the practice of science: will the merger of mathematics and physics work? (corrected Nov. 19) 7_Booss.pdf

Bernhelm Booß-Bavnbek, 17 pages, no figures, list of index words provided but not marked in text




Glossary / Subject Index (Publisher), about 8 pages


List of Contributors (to be compiled by the publisher), about 2 pages






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